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Ideal for classic cars | soft tops | boat covers | awnings | cratch covers etc.
  • Includes 6 studs, 6 screw studs, flaring tool, base and guide.
  • Size 10mm (3/8").
  • Ideal for the repair of classic car soft tops | tonneau covers | boat covers | trailer covers.
  • Easy to use.
  • Money saver.

QuoteI have been tinkering with cars and engines since 1967. Apart from cooking cars I have had an MGB GT, a Rover 2000, a Rover 3500, An NSU Ro80 (Oh Dear!), a Ginetta G27 I built myself and used over a 100,000 very interesting miles (converting it from a 2 litre manual to a V8 automatic in the process), a Rover SD1 V8 and a Rover SD1 2,600 (to see what a straight six was like - if only this engine had had the money spent on developing the V8) and another MGB GT bought second hand in 1980 and used every day until three years ago. I am currently putting the MG back on the road and when I came to tune the carbs I found I had lost the float from my Carbalancer. I bet this tool is twenty years old but when I telephoned you, you sent me a supply of new floats in the same day's post. What service! A recent stock take showed me that over the last 45 years I have bought a drive over Trakrite, a Hi-gauge,a Clikadjust, an Eezibleed, a Remotastart, a couple of Colortunes, a Tachostrobe, a Carbalancer and a Gastester Mark 2. I have used all of them regularly and I couldn't have kept my cars on the road without them. I have had immense fun from my hobby (and saved a small fortune in garage fees). I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you, Gunson! - Richard from LancashireQuote