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Gunson | G4094 | Clikadjust Tappet Adjuster


Valve clearance is easy to adjust on all push rod engines or OHC engines with top adjustment. Clik-adjust makes the job easier and absolutely precise. This essential clearance adjustment ensures the valves (inlet and outlet) open and close correctly resulting in better engine performance.
  • Adjusts tappets precisely
  • Micro adjustment
  • No need to use feeler gauge after its set up.
  • Suits all push rod valve engines and OHC engines with Flat head top adjustments screws. 1/2"D for any size lock nut.
  • Essential for worn tappets

QuoteI have had one of your Testune units for more years than I care to admit. I was certain that I would never need the instruction book as I was so familiar with its use. UNTIL TODAY. I had a very senior moment and got lost. Thank goodness for the internet but far more importantly for a company such as yours that has the decency to publish their technical instructions on line. You have my sincere thanks - Peter from @talk21.comQuote