Solar Battery Charger Part No. 77108

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£48.76 exc VAT
£58.51 inc VAT

A solar powered battery charged for 30AH batteries and above gives off-site charging for numerous vehicles including cars, motorcycles, boats, ATVs and caravans. suitable for batteries 30AH and above.

Additional Information

  • Suitable for use on cars, motorcycle, boats, ATVs, caravans etc.
  • No mains wiring required - Vehicles 12V output and crocodile clip adaptor supplied.
  • Built-in blocking diode prevents battery discharge at night.
  • Power output 4 watt in perfect conditions.
  • Folding ABS case.
This solar powered battery charger from Gunson (part no: 77108) is an effective way to charge and maintain 12 volt batteries rated at 30Ah and above.

Ideal for cars, caravans, tents and boats. A solar power charger works well on a boat because the solar panels are very well exposed to the sun while on the water and this reduces the amount of time it takes for the batteries to be charged.

Modern cars draw a lot of power from their battery, powering systems such as clocks, alarms, immobilizers and trackers. When the vehicle is not being used regularly the alternator doesn't get a chance to top the battery up. Returning from holiday to discover a flat battery is less than ideal. This solar powered battery charger will trickle charge your vehicle's battery, helping compensate for electronic drain and natural wastage.

It will work in all daylight conditions and is fully weather resistant. The charging rate in bright conditions is 4W and the unit features a useful 2.5 metre cable length with crocodile clips, plus 12 volt socket adaptor for cars.

Still charges even in dull conditions and has an LED indicator to confirm that the solar powered battery charger is delivering power to the battery. Built-in blocking diode prevents battery discharge at night.

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