G4133 Timing Light - Workshop

CE Approved

Xenon “White Light” output with pre-set dial advance for One Mark timing. Suitable for use on any vehicle with 12volt conventional battery/coil or electronic ignition. The timing light can be used on any type of petrol vehicle with any number of cylinders and at any engine speed. Features: Sensitive inductive HT pick-up, Die cast alloy body, High speed overload protection, Inductive pick up, Clip on inductive pick up round the No 1 lead for reliable triggering pulses. (No need to disconnect HT lead) Dial advance feature, Dial advance feature allows the engine to be timed when only TDC is marked. It also facilitates the advance curve of the ignition system to be checked accurately with manufacturers’ recommendations.

  • Suitable for any petrol engine vehicle with 12v ig
  • Advance dial
  • Inductive pick-up
  • Indicates ignition timing
  • Die cast alloy body
TSP: £212.48 ex VAT £254.98 inc VAT
CE Approved
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