77121 Automotive Fuse Tester 4-in-1

Introduced for Mini and Maxi fuses

  • 4 in one automotive fuse tester and remover.
  • The adjustable pins allows it to be used on mini/standard and maxi automotive fuses.
  • The battery is DC15V and can last more than 100,000hrs with LED bulb.
  • Ideal glove box tool.
  • Space saver.
TSP: £15.90 ex VAT £19.08 inc VAT

Introduced for Mini and Maxi fuses

  • 4-in-1 Kfz-Sicherungsmesser und -entferner
  • Mit den verstellbaren Nadeln kann es an kleinen, normal großen und großen Kfz-Sicherungen verwendet werden
  • Zeitsparer
  • Perfektes Handschuhfachwerkzeug
  • Raumsparer
TSP: £15.90 ex VAT £19.08 inc VAT
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Press Release
Handy and convenient automotive fuse tester

Ideal for both the toolbox and the glovebox, this handy automotive fuse tester from Gunson (part no. 77121) quickly and conveniently checks for blown fuses.

The adjustable pins allow it to be used on mini, standard and maxi sized automotive fuses. If the fuse is ‘good’ the LED illuminates. If the fuse needs replacing then the reverse of the tester is used to unclip and remove the fuse.

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