Colortune Single Plug Kit 14mm Part No. G4074

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The Tune-up plug for Petrol/LPG 2 & 4 stroke engines with single, twin or multiple carburettors or fuel injection systems. The original and best tool for seeing what's happening inside the combustion chamber of the petrol engine. It allows you to see the combustion and to adjust the mixture by colour. Fits most petrol engines in standard form with additional adaptors available for vehicles with alternative sized spark plugs 18mm- G4055E 14mm - Long Reach G4055D 14mm - Tapered Seat G4055C 12mm - G4055B 10mm - G4055A The complete Colortune kit is also available with the following adaptors G4171 with 12mm Colortune Plug G4170 with 10mm Colortune Plug

Additional Information

  • Kit includes: 14mm Short reach plug & Hexagonal adaptor.
  • Colortune will fit most vehicles.
  • Kit complete with instructions.
  • Extra adaptor sizes available separately.
  • G4074/02 Replacement Ht Lead Adaptor.
  • Colortune est un systeme Anglais permettant d'ajuster la mixture Essence / Air en regardant la flamme dans la chambre de combustion a travers une fausse bougie transparante.
  • Il permet de reduire ainsi vos consommations d'essence, vos emissions de gaz nocives et permet à votre moteur de fonctionner convenablement.
  • Ce kit contient l'adaptateur pour fausse bougie court en M14 - d'autres diametres et kits existent pour les diametre en M10-M12-M14 long-M14 conique et M18.
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