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A New LED Digital Multimeter from Gunson
Tuesday 22 January 2008

Gunson, UK suppliers of automotive diagnostic equipment have launched a new digital multimeter (part 77038). The meter comes with two alligator clips and a 12-volt output adaptor and has auto power off and auto... read more

Protect Exposed Wiring with Heat Shrink Tubing
Tuesday 19 June 2007

Protect exposed wiring and electrical connections from exposure to moisture and water with Gunson’s handy insulating tubing set (part 77041) with sheaths that heat shrink to provide a watertight seal. Specifically... read more

Thanks for the Memory
Tuesday 19 June 2007

Remembering vital vehicle computer codes when a vehicle’s battery is disconnected is the role performed by Gunson’s Intelligent Memory Minder (part 77029). It enables all user defined settings such as radio pre-sets... read more

Rechargeable Illumination Where and When it's needed
Thursday 14 June 2007

Gunson’s 36 LED super-bright lamp (77040) is designed to throw light on car breakdowns, domestic emergencies, camp site usage or in fact anywhere where strong illumination is required. CE certificated, it is compact and... read more

Don't Blow A Fuse With Brown Fuses
Wednesday 16 May 2007

Modern car fuses are usually reliable, but when they go the problems start. Which fuse has blown? Where is it in the fuse box? Have I got a replacement? Do I need to call the AA or RAC, or worse, face a garage... read more

Leak Detection Tool Will Diagnose A Multitude of Problems
Wednesday 16 May 2007

Gunson, brand leader in automotive diagnostic tools, know that the cylinder leakage test is the simplest way to identify damaged valves, worn piston rings, blown head gaskets or a cracked cylinder head. Their new... read more

Glowing Report (77028)
Friday 09 March 2007

With the introduction of their new Glow Plug Tester (part 77028) Gunson continue to bring innovative and time saving ideas to the market first. The tester can accurately identify if a Glow Plug is not performing... read more

A Mind of It's Own (77029)
Friday 09 March 2007

Gunson further develop their impressive range of easy to use diagnostic and maintenance equipment with the introduction of their new Intelligent Memory Minder (part 77029). With the ability to maintain vital vehicle... read more

Service Reset Tool for Rover / MG (77022)
Friday 09 March 2007

The fate of Rover opens up a great opportunity for non-franchised garages to extend servicing to Rover and MG vehicles. But the right tools need to be widely available. Gunson, the diagnostic specialists, can help... read more