77002 Brake Fluid Tester

CE Approved UK Conformity Assessed

A simple and effective tester shows the condition of the brake fluid with a coloured response.

  • Test percentage of water in the brake fluid
  • Immerse the probe end of the tester into the brake fluid - use regularly for brake maintenance
  • Green indicates <1.5%water = ok
  • Yellow indicates 1.5>3%water = marginal
  • Red indicates 3%
TSP: £35.96 ex VAT £43.15 inc VAT
CE Approved UK Conformity Assessed
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Press Release
Cut the Risk of Brake Failure with Gunson’s New Tester (77002)

Although The Tool Connection acquired Gunson less than six months ago it has already added a new product to the diagnostics range which fits the Gunson philosophy of simple, effective equipment.

Gunson’s Brake Fluid Tester reduces the risk of driving with unreliable and dangerous brakes. It tests the mixture of brake fluid and water in the reservoir, by means of a probe, giving tell tale signals if there is a leakage in the cylinder. Any more than 3% is a danger sign.

Retailing for around £34.95 the Gunson Brake Fluid Tester is simple to use and provides instant peace of mind.

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