Multi Meter Accessory Set Part No. 77019

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This accessory kit includes 2 probes, 2 small crocodile clips, 2 large crocodile clips and extension leads for connecting together. Ideal use for extending the reach on any multi meter

Additional Information

  • Includes 2 probes, 2 small crocodile clips and 2 large crocodile clips.
  • Includes extension leads for connecting leads together.
  • Ideal for use extending the reach of any multi-meter.
  • Ideal for commercial vehicles.
  • Time saver.
  • Ce kit d'accessoire inclut : 2 sondes, 2 petites et 2 grandes pinces crocodiles
  • Inclut également 3 jeu d'extensions pour connecter les jeux ensembles
  • Idéal pour donner une meilleure portée à votre multimètre
  • Idéal pour les Poids lourds
  • Gain de temps
  • Inclusief 2 sondes, 2 kleine krokodillenklemmen en 2 grote krokodillenklemmen.
  • Inclusief verlengsnoeren voor het verbinden van kabels.
  • Ideaal voor het vergroten van het bereik van elke multimeter.
  • Ideaal voor bedrijfsvoertuigen.
  • Bespaart veel tijd.
Gunson has built its reputation on automotive diagnostic tools including multi-meters and this addition to the new generation of Gunson products makes using meters easier in difficult situations.

The Multi-meter Accessory Set consists of extension leads designed to reach hard to access areas under the bonnet or in other situations where reading the results on LED displays is difficult or impossible with conventional length leads.

The Accessory Set (Part 77019) contains small and large crocodile clips and extra length leads which connect easily to the existing leads on multi-meters.

Sometime simple ideas are the best and this one certainly increases multi-meter versatility.

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