Cable Tie Kit 210pcs Part No. 77140

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A comprehensive range of Cable Ties and Accessories

Additional Information

  • Includes cable ties, R type cable clamps, cable tie mounts, panel fixing cable ties, mounting head cable ties
  • 50pc of each size Cable Ties: 2.5mm x 100mm, 3.6mm x 150mm and 4.8mm x230mm
  • 10pc of each size Panel Fixing Cable Ties: 3.5mm x 150mm and 4.8mm x 200mm
  • 10pc of each Mounting Head Cable Tie 4.8mm x 200mm and 1/2" R type Cable Mount
  • 10pc of each size Cable Tie Mount: 22mm x 22mm , 28mm x 28mm
  • Umfasst Kabelbinder, Kabelklemmen Typ R, Kabelbinder-Befestigungen, Kabelbinder für Plattenbefestigung, Kabelbinder mit Befestigungskopf
  • 50 St. der einzelnen Kabelbinder-Größen: 2,5 mm x 100 mm, 3,6 mm x 150 mm und 4,8 mm x 230 mm
  • 10 St. der einzelnen Größen von Kabelbindern für die Plattenbefestigung: 3,5 mm x 150 mm und 4,8 mm x 200 mm
  • Je 10 St. von Kabelbindern mit Befestigungskopf 4,8 mm x 200 mm und Kabelklemmen Typ R 1/2"
  • 10 St. der einzelnen Größen der Kabelbinder-Halterungen: 22 mm x 22 mm, 28 mm x 28 mm
  • Un kit complet qui vous aidera à de nombreuses reprises qui inclut:
  • 50pcs de lanières classique de chaque taille: 2.5mm x 100mm, 3.6mm x 150mm and 4.8mm x230mm
  • 10 pièces de lanières avec agrafes de fixation de chaque taille: 3.5mm x 150mm and 4.8mm x 200mm
  • 10 pièces de lanières avec trous de fixation 4.8mm x 200mm et laniere en 1/2" type R
  • 10 pièces de montant de fixation pour lanière de chaque taille : 22mm x 22mm , 28mm x 28mm
Suitable for all automotive applications but especially useful for classic car owners and kit car builders, this new cable tie and accessory kit from Gunson Tools (part number 77140), offers a versatile selection of cable ties and mounting tabs that will ensure neat and professional looking cable and harness installation.

The selection includes 50 of each size of cable tie: 2.5mm x 100mm, 3.6mm x 150mm and 4.8mm x 230mm; 10 each of panel fixing cable ties, 3.5mm x 150mm and 4.8mm x 200mm (these are simply plugged into a suitable hole in the panel); 10 each of the 4.8mm x 200mm mounting head cable ties (attached to the panel with a bolt or self-tapping screw); 10 1/2" R-clips (useful for wiring spurs but also for washer fluid pipes, etc); and 10 each of the self-adhesive cable tie mounting tabs, in two sizes, 22mm x 22mm and 28mm x 28mm (cable ties are simply looped into the mounting tabs, ensuring neat, tidy and secure cable runs).

All supplied in a handy case that will fit neatly in your toolbox.

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