Low Voltage Circuit Tester 6v- 48v Part No. 77143

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With the advent of new Mild-Hybrid vehicle systems which operate in the 48 volt range, Gunson has introduced a simple Voltage tester that is safe to use on such systems. The 77143 is a simple to use voltage tester that uses red LED’s to indicate the voltage level and polarity of the current in the circuit being measured.

Additional Information

  • No Batteries required – powered from the power source being measured
  • Can be used on systems up to and including 48 volts.
  • Probe – partially shrouded to reduce the potential for accidental shorting out.
  • Not polarity sensitive
  • Cable Length 90mm
  • Niederspannungsstromkreistester
  • Messbereich 6-48 Volt
  • Komplett mit Sonde
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