G4058 Eezibleed Multipurpose Cap

This multi purpose cap set brings the advantages of the Eezibleed brake bleeding system to a wider range of vehicles. This cap set fits vehicle reservoirs which have a neck opening but no screw thread. Easy to use, practical design featuring a sturdy universal cap, rubber seals and a strap that threads under the reservoir/servo unit with wing nut tensioners. Part of the Eezibleed range designed for successful brake bleeding in moments.

  • Multi purpose cap design fits 15 - 67mm diameter reservoir openings.
  • Allows the standard Eezibleed kit to be used on most vehicles.
  • For reservoirs with neck and bayonet type fitting.
  • Made from composite material with rubber seals.
  • Supplied with tensioning strap to provide a tight cap seal.
TSP: £30.26 ex VAT £36.31 inc VAT
Laser Tools G4058 Eezibleed Multipurpose Cap
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