G4103 Lo Gauge Vacuum Tester

Suitable for use on all petrol engines and easily fits to most vehicles. Accurately measures pressures within the range -1 bar (-14psi) to +0.7 bar (10psi). Applications include: Engine fault finding, by using the gauge as an inlet manifold vacuum tester the following faults can be diagnosed: spark misfires, poor engine compression, mixture too weak or too rich, ignition too advanced or too retarded, inlet manifold and carburettor air leaks and incorrect valve timing. Turbo boost gauge; testing boost pressure up to 0.7bar (10psi) and petrol pump tester; tests electrical and mechanical petrol pumps (excluding high pressure pumps used on fuel injected engines).

  • Suitable for use on all petrol engines.
  • Easily fits to most vehicles.
  • Gauge reads in Bar, InsHg and Psi.
  • Ideal for checking a range of applications.
  • Easy to read gauge.
TSP: £41.00 ex VAT £49.20 inc VAT
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