G4125 Gastester Digital

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Gastester is a digital exhaust CO analyser with pulse pump that accurately measures CO levels for testing and setting carburettors (leaded or unleaded petrol) and petrol injection systems on any vehicle. The digital display clearly indicates the volume percent of carbon monoxide so the engine can be tuned for optimal performance to run cleaner and more efficiently. Ideal for checking CO after carburettor, ignition and air filter maintenance as well as tuning pre-cat classic cars, motorbikes and single cylinder engines. The system is easy to use, a metal exhaust probe is held in place with a pair of retaining springs and a length of flexible pipe attaches the probe to the Gastester. The kit includes everything needed for accurate CO testing and is supplied with full instructions.

  • A digital carbon monoxide tester for quick, easy checking of levels after engine maintenance work & tuning.
  • Calibrates in air, no moving parts to wear out & no filters to change.
  • Delivers accurate CO measurement to 0.5% at 15° to 25°C with adjustable calibration control for precise setting.
  • 12V DC battery supply required. Supplied with two core cables with clips for easy attachment to the car battery.
  • Contents: Gastester instrument including collector box & pulse pump / water trap assembly, metal exhaust probe with retaining springs, 3x flexible pipes & detailed instructions.
TSP: £199.28 ex VAT £239.14 inc VAT

Gastester is used for the testing and setting of all carburettors (petrol, leaded or unleaded) and petrol injection systems on any vehicle. Gastester provides a simple and inexpensive method of showing when the correct petrol/air mixture is being dispensed

  • Le testeur de gaz Gunson permet de tester et mettre au point les carburateurs (essence - avec ou sans plomb) et sur les systèmes à injection Essence.
  • Le testeur se calibre de lui même - simple d'utilisation
  • Pas de filtre à remplacer
  • Précision à 0.5 % au niveau de la mesure CO
  • Mode d'emploi fourni et vidéo disponible
TSP: £199.28 ex VAT £239.14 inc VAT
Product Video available
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