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Tough and easy to use gravity-fed sand blast gun
Tuesday 29 January 2019

This new and compact sand blast gun from Gunson Tools (part number 77155) fires dry abrasive particles at high speed, quickly removing rust, scale, old paint etc. Ideal for cleaning pitted surfaces, crevices and other... read more

Classic brake adjusting wrench from Gunson fits many types of vehicle
Friday 12 October 2018

Classic car maintenance is easier when you have the right tools for the job. Working on drum brakes means often relying on a brake adjusting tool before the drums can be pulled free for maintenance. This Brake Adjusting... read more

This new twin-head cleaning brush will let you clean your pride and joy like a pro.
Tuesday 04 September 2018

Professional car detailers rely on a number of special brushes and cleaning tools in their pursuit of perfection and this new twin-head cleaning brush from Gunson (part number 77151) will let you clean your pride and... read more

Car wash kit from Gunson — everything you need stowed in a compact carrying case
Friday 27 April 2018

Just in time for the new season, this very neat car wash kit from Gunson (part number 77150), contains everything you need to keep your cherished car looking its best. The kit includes a handy folding bucket, a car... read more

Set of 3 classically designed oil pouring cans from Gunson
Tuesday 14 November 2017

Now have a look at these — new from Gunson, a set of three classically designed oil pouring cans of the type seen on garage forecourts in days gone by (part number 77144). Traditionally manufactured in metal and painted... read more

Safety wire nut & bolt drilling jig kits
Monday 05 June 2017

Although primarily used in motor racing, using safety wire to secure components finds many applications in high performance and classic road cars also. Lock wire or safety wire is a type of positive locking device that... read more

Spot which fuse has blown instantly with this car fuse kit
Monday 15 May 2017

Modern car fuses are usually reliable, but when they go the problems start. Which fuse has blown? Where is it in the fuse box? Have I got a replacement? Do I need to call the AA or RAC, or worse, face a garage... read more

Digitally accurate wheel camber checking
Monday 20 March 2017

When fitted to the tyre/wheel, Gunson’s Trakrite camber bar (part number 77137) gives a solid metal base that is parallel to the wheel and suspension upright and is the ideal mount for camber gauges. When used in... read more

Get wiring over winter — electrical connector and heat shrink tubing kits from Gunson
Tuesday 31 January 2017

Whether maintaining existing wiring, or fitting a new set of fog light to your classic car, these two kits from Gunson supply the essentials for a complete and tidy electrical wiring installation. The Electrical... read more