Tough and easy to use gravity-fed sand blast gun

Tough and easy to use gravity-fed sand blast gun)

Tuesday 29 January 2019

This new and compact sand blast gun from Gunson Tools (part number 77155) fires dry abrasive particles at high speed, quickly removing rust, scale, old paint etc. Ideal for cleaning pitted surfaces, crevices and other hard to reach places, the gun is designed for performance and ease of use.

The gun works with a workshop compressed air supply (recommended operating pressure 90psi) and features a fully adjustable control valve. You can adjust the amount of blast media that flows through the sand blaster and the control valve also gives you the ability to completely restrict the flow of media if you require air only — this can come in handy to clean the work area after blasting.

The gun is gravity-fed (600cc capacity media container), which is a more efficient method of delivering blast media directly to the 5mm nozzle; the gun can therefore be used in multiple positions while still ensuring a steady media flow. It is compatible with many different media types and is supplied with a 600cc bottle of brown aluminium oxide, a tough, sharp, reusable shot-blasting abrasive. Replacement abrasive bottles are available (part number 77156). This blast media offers a rapid cleaning rate and very low dust levels.

There are numerous applications when using aluminium oxide as the blast media: it is ideal for engine components, it cleans and removes carbon deposits effectively, and provides a profile on stainless steel and aluminium components. Also ideal for glass etching. The Gunson 77155 also works very well in sandblasting cabinets, for the smaller jobs.

Lightweight and tough, the Gunson 77155 offers effective surface cleaning and treatment and is available now from your local stockist.