77175 Dent Puller Kit

Consumable Item Advisable to wear safety glasses Advisable to wear safety gloves Spares Product Video available

A dent repair kit, based around a mains-powered hot melt glue gun, designed to enable small dents and dings in vehicle bodywork to be reduced without causing damage to the paintwork. The kit also includes a dent pulling bridge, that allow for the glue pads to be slowly pulled up via the use of the wing-nut, together with a plastic pencil punch which is used to lightly knock down high spots.

  • Suitable for removing or significantly reducing small dents & dings from vehicle bodywork.
  • Kit includes: 40W glue gun (240V mains powered, BS (UK) plug), dent pulling bridge with 2x pulling tabs, paintless dent removal pencil punch & a glue scraper.
  • Also included: 2x glue sticks & a bottle of release agent.
  • CE, GS & RoHS compliant.
  • Spare glue sticks available, please see Part No. 77084.
TSP: £22.48 ex VAT £26.98 inc VAT

Ausbeulkit auf der Grundlage einer netzbetriebenen Heißklebepistole, mit dem kleine Dellen und Beulen in der Fahrzeugkarosserie ohne Lackschäden beseitigt werden können. Das Kit enthält außerdem eine Ausbeul-Zugbrücke, mit der die Klebepads mithilfe der Flügelmutter langsam nach oben gezogen werden können, sowie einen Kunststoff-Rückschlagdorn in Stiftform für das sanfte Einklopfen erhöhter Stellen.

  • Für die Beseitigung von kleinen Dellen und Beulen an der Fahrzeugkarosserie.
  • Inhalt des Kits: 40-W-Heißklebepistole (240 V Netzstrom, BS-Stecker (GB)), Ausbeul-Zugbrücke mit 2 Zuglaschen, Rückschlagdorn für das Ausbeulen ohne Lackieren und Klebstoffschaber.
  • Weiterhin im Lieferumfang: 2 Klebesticks und eine Flasche Trennmittel.
  • Erfüllt CE-, GS- und RoHS-Bestimmungen.
  • Ersatz-Klebesticks erhältlich, siehe Teile-Nr. 77084.
TSP: £22.48 ex VAT £26.98 inc VAT

Kit de débosselage, basé sur un pistolet à colle thermofusible à alimentation secteur, conçu pour éliminer les bosses et les traces d'impact sur les carrosseries de véhicules sans endommager la peinture. Le kit comprend également un pont de redressage, qui permet de tirer lentement vers le haut les pastilles à coller à l'aide de l'écrou à ailettes, ainsi qu'un pointeau en plastique utilisé pour éliminer en douceur les points saillants.

  • Convient pour l'élimination des bosses et des traces d'impact sur les carrosseries de véhicules.
  • Le kit comprend : pistolet à colle 40 W (alimentation secteur 240 V, prise BS (Royaume-Uni)), pont de redressage avec 2 languettes de traction, pointeau pour débosselage sans peinture et grattoir à colle.
  • Également inclus : 2 bâtons de colle et 1 flacon d'agent de démoulage.
  • Conformité CE, GS et RoHS.
  • Des bâtons de colle de rechange sont disponibles, voir la référence 77084.
TSP: £22.48 ex VAT £26.98 inc VAT
Consumable Item Advisable to wear safety glasses Advisable to wear safety gloves Spares Product Video available
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Press Release
Small dents and dings on your vehicle's bodywork driving you crazy?

Say goodbye to those unsightly dents and dings with the new Gunson Dent Puller Kit (part number 77175). Save time and money by fixing minor dents on your own without the hassle of costly repairs. Used for small, soft dents, this easy-to-use kit can help you restore your car's smooth exterior without causing any damage to the paintwork.

This is a glue-pulling dent repair system, where a pulling pad is hot-glued to the dent. It is then pulled out using the dent-pulling bridge. Included in the kit is a powerful hot-glue gun: Rated at 40W and powered by a 240V mains supply, this glue gun is the heart of this kit. It's designed to melt the provided high-quality glue sticks efficiently, providing a strong and reliable bond.

The dent pulling bridge then enables the glue pad to be slowly pulled up by turning the wing-nuts. This mechanism allows you to slowly and precisely lift the dents, working like magic.

To perfect your dent removal, we've included a plastic pencil punch. This handy tool is used to gently knock down any high spots, ensuring a smooth finish. The kit also includes two glue sticks and a bottle of glue release agent. These extras make sure you have everything you need for a successful dent repair.

Need more glue sticks for future projects? No worries. Gunson offer spare glue sticks (Part No. 77084) to keep you well-equipped.

Get your Gunson Dent Puller Kit today and restore your vehicle's pristine appearance effortlessly! Now available for purchase at Gunson Tools’ stockists and online tool retailers.