CAL/CAL Automatic Battery Chargers (part 77026 and 77027)

CAL/CAL Automatic Battery Chargers (part 77026 and 77027))

Friday 25 August 2006
Gunson Chargers for the Latest Calcium/Calcium Batteries

New cars are increasingly being delivered with batteries using the latest calcium/calcium technology that demands a completely different form of battery charger.

Proven in America from the late 1970s, the new batteries are needed to match the ever-increasing electronic and electrical demands of modern vehicles. They new batteries also have the added benefit of longer shelf life while awaiting delivery.

However due to the construction of a calcium/calcium battery being different from lead acid ones, replacements must be of the same type since vehicles using them have a smart charging system. A smart system is also required when charging calcium/calcium batteries out of the vehicle.

Ordinary battery chargers can’t cope with the requirements of a new smart charging system, so Gunson have launched two chargers with the necessary smart technology to handle calcium/calcium and any other type of automotive battery.

The Gunson Single Station Automatic Charger (part 77026) deals with a single battery, while the Gunson 4-Station Automatic Charger (part 77027) can charge up to four batteries at a time.

Apart from automotive use, the chargers are also suitable for marine applications and for golf buggies, some of which have more than one battery. Typical retail prices for the chargers are £69.95 and £260.00 respectively.