Digitally accurate wheel camber checking

Digitally accurate wheel camber checking)

Monday 20 March 2017

When fitted to the tyre/wheel, Gunson’s Trakrite camber bar (part number 77137) gives a solid metal base that is parallel to the wheel and suspension upright and is the ideal mount for camber gauges. When used in conjunction with the new digital inclinometer from Laser Tools (part number 6657) the combination offers exceptional accuracy (±0.2º).

The Trakrite camber bar is assembled in seconds and full instructions are included. It is easy to adjust and use; the top bracket allows for adjustment to the profile of the tyre, then adjust the wheel spacers to the top and bottom edges of the wheel rim — this now gives a solid metal mounting base.

Equipped with a built-in magnet in the base, the Laser 6657 inclinometer is designed for measuring angles on metal and other surfaces, and is ideal for use as a digital camber/caster gauge. It can also be used for engine setting up (for example on Citroen/Peugeot variable valve timing setting and checking where an OEM special tool would be used).

The inclinometer is easily calibrated, then popped onto the camber bar. The camber angle (negative or positive) can be clearly read from the bright LCD screen. The device is powered by a 1.5V AAA battery, and shuts off automatically after five minutes of no movement.  It is supplied with a useful storage pouch.

Designed and manufactured by Gunson in the UK, the Trakrite Camber Bar is available nowfrom Your Gunson and Laser stockist.