77119 Smart Battery Alert

CE Approved UK Conformity Assessed

Constantly monitors the battery condition and sends audible warning when charge is low

  • Warns you when the battery voltage is below 12.2V
  • Bleeps every 10 seconds when the battery is below the required voltage
  • Ideal for classic cars and vehicles which are only used occasionally
  • Simple to fit
  • Draws less than 2mA.Draws less than 80mA when buzzing
TSP: £20.40 ex VAT £24.48 inc VAT
CE Approved UK Conformity Assessed
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Press Release
Monitor your battery condition

Don’t be let down by a flat battery on your classic car stored over winter or on any vehicle that is not used regularly, the new Gunson Smart Battery Alert (part number 77119) simply fits on to the battery terminals and constantly monitors the battery voltage.

It doesn’t wait until the battery has gone flat — if the battery voltage drops below 12.2 volts an audible warning is triggered and bleeps every ten seconds.

The unit is small and easily positioned on the top or the side of the vehicle’s battery. Cable ties are provided to secure.

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