77109 Automotive Electronic Stethoscope


Helps to identify engine and chassis noise. Maintain all health and safety precautions whilst using on running engine.

  • Helps to identify engine and chassis noise.
  • Powered by a 9V battery (not supplied).
  • Complete with headphones, volume control and 180mm probe.
  • CE certificated.
  • Simple and easy to use.
TSP: £31.86 ex VAT £38.23 inc VAT
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Press Release
Diagnose the automotive maladies

Accurately pinpoint trouble spots anywhere there’s movement of mechanical parts: noisy valves and followers, worn or broken gears, clogged fuel injectors, bad bearings, air leaks and more. The new Gunson automotive electronic stethoscope (part no: 77109) amplifies the sounds of trouble so the fault can be found, diagnosed and quickly fixed.

It comes complete with headphones and volume control. This simple and easy to use tool is powered by a 9V battery and is a must have for any toolbox. Adds clarity to all types of noises and is invaluable for finding the source of squeaks and rattles.

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